Friday, July 24, 2009

Don't convert : I Like Him into I Want Him

Alright, stop messaging me, nudging me, knocking on my door asking about it.

Why is this so hard to understand, friends?

It's just a plain compliments to a talented person,

as plain as white paper, mind you.

On top of that,

he is so far far far far far far far far far far far far far away from me.


When I have a thing on somebody,

I wouldn't tell the world,

unless he likes me too and he is my boyfriend.

When I don't have a thing on somebody,

I will tell you how good is he, how gorgeous is he, how attractive is he...


I am a girl with a VERY STRONG JEALOUSY.

Do you think I will tell you guys how perfect he is,

without worrying he will snatch by other girls.


I am girl with confidence and intelligence,

he will be mine.

But why am I so worried if he will be snatch by other girls IF I AM SO CONFIDENT?

What if he doesn't know I like him??

It's a question take more than a second for me to think.





My sense is very strong.

At the first sight,

if my heart beats faster and feel pain,

if I avoid looking into the beautiful eyes,

if he can't take his eyes off from me,

if my face started to feel hot,

if we smile to each other,

if I am speechless and my knees are weak.






So guys no worries, I will know if I fall into someone, alright?

I like nobody, fellas - Roslyn

Monday, July 20, 2009

Asia Pacific Dance Explosion 2009

My mom and I.

Do we look alike? ;)

19th July 2009, I went to Shangri La located in Kuala Lumpur to give my full support to my lovely and pretty mom.

Both my sisters were there with her since 6 am in the morning, to give a hand in preparing for the competition. Clothings and make up, which I'm not good in it.

I was nearly missed my mom's session as I woke up late. The session will be starts at 9.30AM, I woke up at 8AM. I haven't have my breakfast, bath, iron my clothes and so on.

Luckily I have a very lovely car which allowed me to speed up to 160 KMH, on top of that, I'm a VERY good driver. ;)

I reached there and parked my car nicely about 9.20AM. I didn't missed my mom's session!

My mom and her friends.

Basically, this is the first time my mom joined this competition. Technically, people in her group more likely professional and their dancing experiences are much more longer than my mom's.

Bravo mummy!

My mom got the 9th ranking, as for her to enter the final stage, she has to be at least 8th rank, but I know she did her best!

I will never have the guts to dance in front of people ;)

Mummy and her friends.

Took this photo in the female changing room. The lady at the left side is Ms Lai, she got first runner up for her group! Bravo!

My mom is ready to move her body ;)

Nobody believes that I'm her daughter, lols. I'm happy with that, regardless this might a hint telling me that I'm old or I don't look like a young lady, haha!

Who cares?

I'm lucky enough to have a sexy mom, and she can dance!

Daughter and mom.

Her friends kept telling her : " Your second daughter is so tall, both the sisters are shorter, she is like you husband, isn't it? "

I was just plain smiling over there.

I don't think I'm THAT tall, by the way.

Food served by Shangri La hotel.

RM15 per box, but I got for free.

Dinner time.

Dancing is good, now only I realize.

Dancing is hard, cause I will never can handle dance move.

*I like to move it, move it*

Us with friends!

Both of them came to the hotel just to drop by seeing us, so sweet.

I found a beautiful creature there!


Pim Van Grootel

So obvious that I'm actually took this photo secretly.

He is same age as me! He was the chief judge during the competition.

Amazing, wasn't it?

Those aunts told me : " Hey, he is looking at you, why don't you take a photo with him and get to know each other? "


He was actually sitting at the table next to my table, and he was facing me when he was on his seat, apparently he looks like LOOKING AT ME when he is looking straight!

*oh funny*

"Don't you think he's good looking?" Aunt A asked.

" Yes, certainly. " I said.

" Then you should go and know him! "

" Hahahaha. I'm busy. " Best excuse, I assumed?

I like beautiful things, I won't deny this.

This boy is a talented fine creature in the world.

Let me put it this way...

He lighten up the FRAGILE WORLD with his beautiful dance move and bring hopes to people with his fine-crafted body line.

He makes me believe that :

Dancing makes people look sexy.

He makes me wanna :

Find my long lost for almost 20 years bloody-hurt-my-feet ballet shoes!


I can't dance anymore, not even stretch my legs.

A fact that-might-be-a-real-fact :

I think I look taller than him.

Whatever, he is still a sexy hunk.

I like to Move It Move It - Roslyn

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Red Devil : Glory glory Man United

Manchester United Asia Tour 2009

I reached there at 2.30PM. ;) Can't wait to see them in action.


Really appreciate these. Credit goes to Joevin for getting a ticket for me. I was waiting confirmation from Jan whether or not he's interested to go with me, when finally I got his answer, the RM308 sold out!

*so sad*

I've been asking people to accompany me, most of them had dates; and if I got a group, I don't know them much, how am I supposed to talk with them?

The crowd!

MU Team

Owh, all the sexy hunks sweating just right in front of me.

Sexy hunks with their sexy pose.

Joevin and I.

We have been planning this 2 weeks before the match. Where to have lunch, dinner and what time to reach at the stadium. I admitted that I was too excited and kept bugging him about what to plan and what I've planned.

Thanks Edward for his binocular, it is so good and I can see the faces so CLEARLY!

Poor guy sitting next to me with his tiny binocular that can't even see the numbers printed behind the jersey.

Credit goes to Jan for the jersey I'm wearing. I have no idea where to get it, he found this for me, and what a lucky day for me, I got the last piece of XS!

*OS : Glory Glory Man United!*

My shoe, his shoe.

Seriously, I don't know much about football. All I know is banana kick, thanks to my football instructor for training me so hard, I was so near to death, then finally I passed the banana kick session in college. Yeah, I was in the football club to obtain my curriculum credits.

So, impossible isn't it?


During my first semester, a hardcore fact.

We were so vulnerable. When MU scored, we cheered! When Malaysia scored, we screamed!

Happy that we managed to score 2 goals, bravo Malaysia!

The results :

Manchester United 3 : 2 Malaysia

But, why the Malaysia players attempted to play it solo? Why can't they just pass the ball around?

sharing is caring mar~

" You think everyday is Sunday mer?!"

Joevin shouted this out when the Malaysia player tried to score the goal with a long shot.

Alright, I told you, I don't know anything about football.

So, it's quite hard to score with a long shot, on top of that, you are actually playing with a world well-known superb football club.

Haih, how I wish Owen can marry me.

He is so cute.

The MU goalkeeper is sexy too.

Dreaming to become a MU player's wife - Roslyn

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shogun, Japanese Buffet Restaurant

Shogun, One Utama

It's a full-sponsored lunch for me ;)

With mates.

They are tagged in my FB. ;P

Portions for 5 person.

First round. Second round. Third round.

*Stomach full and satisfied burp*

Sweet and spicy prawn.

I didn't taste it, I am not a spice-person. ;)


I forgot to take a pic of fired soft crabs. Wondering why I didn't eat tempura in spite of it was just nicely put in front of me.

Raw Oysters.

Apparently, I ate the most. ;) Lemon with Tobasco.

Soap. The salmon is mine *roar*

;) Yummy. Chessy.

Finally, the sushi.

I'm planning to have lunch with my boyfriend in Shogun for the next two weeks. He, personally not a sushi-person, but I believe the food with baked cheese and drinks can entertain his stomach. ;) We had few lunches and dinners in Jogoya, to be frank, the raw oysters in Shogun are way fresher than Jogoya's.

The service is good. the waitresses and waiters are friendly. You guys should try out the special-made-duckroll or whatsoever. Heard that it's a new dish just started last two weeks.

I had sharkfin dumplings and sharkfin soup too. I assumed it's an artificial sharkfin soup, I just like the taste of it. my friends were in deep love with the noodles.

Seriously I can't recall most of the names. ;P

I drank a lot of Ice Lemon Tea. Nice. ;)

My stomach was SO FULL. Worried that my jeans button will come out. ;P

I love the atmosphere.

Playing Japanese songs, the food aroma and the services. Two thumbs up. ;)

A big round table in the middle of the floor, serving sushiss and raw oysters. Make your saliva drops even more when you see the baked seafoods and dumplings.

the sauces are served accordingly. You won't be confusing about how to eat, what to eat. All the foods are labelled and served in a small portion. you can take all you need, the foods are served from time to time, so you can take your own sweet time finishing the foods in your plate without worrying the food will be finished.

Certainly, it's a self-service buffet resturant. However, the waitresses or waiters will clean all your used plates and refill the drinks and soup for you.

I really don't know how much is the price per person, I assumed it should be cheaper than Jogoya's. ;) Shogun is affordable and a good place to go with your family.

Love japanese food, Roslyn

Friday, July 10, 2009

Valentine Be Mine

February 14th

The Day the Birds Began to Mate

Love birds are everywhere. I believe you and I are in love, no?

People are wondering. Why am I writing about Valentine's at such time? We still have a long time to go before we celebrate it.

Viva King and Queen!

This coming 28 July is our 7 Years anniversary!

People around are curious. Well, both of us had prepared special gifts for each other. Seriously, I'm a genius. I offered him 240 times of chances to guess what I got for him, he has no clue about it at all!

Genius? *miow*

People saying : Everyday is Valentine's if you are in love.

Owh, should I agree with this?

At the moment, I don't think so.

How bored it can be if everyday is Valentine's?


Agree, fellas?

Valentine's is a special day for me. Regardless the roses and gift, Valentine's is a memorable date where most of the people all over the world are celebrating it with their love ones. Roses is a-must-item, candle-lighted dinner in a romantic restaurant, surrounded by lavender aroma. Sweet.

I'm in a dinner gown, high-heels and perfect make up. He breathes to my neck, caress my hair and say : " You're so beautiful and charming. "

" You're handsome and gorgeous as well, huney. "

I still remember when few years back, we were having our seafood dinner at the corner of the city, his phone rang. Annoyed, aren't you?

Answered the phone. One of his friends, named Wai Ho, a short and ignorance guy called him. He was questioning him where were we now, and he wanted to tell us something. So my hunny said go ahead.

This guy questioning him how could we go for Valentine's dinner while a girl named Lam Yee Teng was love-hurt and alone in Seremban.

Who cares? Love whoever that inverted loud speaker. I took the phone and said : " Fuck off, midget, ass holes. " And I just hung up the phone. Cool?

My hunny will never being harsh to anyone, so better I take the job.

Whatever, we had a very romantic dinner and had a movie after that.

I google about Valentine's and these are what I've got :

The Europeans believed that on February 14th the birds began to choose their mates. In fact Chaucer, in his "Parlement of Foules," wrote: "For this was Seynt Valentine's Day when every foul cometh ther to choose his mate."

John Donne wrote:

    Hail Bishop Valentine! whose day this is;
    All the air is thy diocese,
    And all the chirping choristers
    And other birds are thy parishioners:
    Thou marryest ever year
    The lyric lark and the grave whispering dove;
    The sparrow that neglects his life for love,
    The household bird with the red stomarcher;
    Thous mak'st the blackbird speed as soon,
    As doth the goldfinch or the halcyon . . .
    This day more cheerfully than ever shine,
    This day which might inflame thyself, old Valentine!

The Christian tradition of drawing names on St. Valentine's Eve continued in England and other places. The tradition of birds choosing their mates on St. Valentine's Day led to the idea that boys and girls would do the same. Now when a youth drew a girl's name, he wore it on his sleeve, and attended and protected her during the following year. This made the girl his valentine and they exchanged love tokens throughout the year. Later this was changed to only men giving love tokens to females, usually without names but signed "with St. Valentine's Love."

Later, in France, both sexes drew from the valentine box. A booked called Travels in England, written in 1698, gives an account of the way it was done:

    On St. Valentine's Eve an equal number of Maids and Bachelors get together, each writes their true or some feigned name upon separate billets, which they roll up and draw by way of lots, the Maids taking the Men's billets, and the Men the Maids'; so that each of the young Men lights upon a Girl that he calls his Valentine, and each of the Girls upon a young Man which she calls hers. By this means each has two Valentines--but the Man sticks faster to the Valentine that is fallen to him than to the Valentine to whom he is fallen. Fortune having thus divided the company into so many couples, the valentines give balls and treats to their mistresses, wear their billets several days upon their bosoms or sleeves, and this little sport ofen ends in Love. This ceremony is practised differently in different Countries, and according to the freedom or severity of Madame Valentine. This is another kind of Valentine, which is the first young Man or Woman chance throws in your way in the street, or elsewhere . . .

Not to forget, St. Valentine's Day was mentioned by Shakespeare. ♥

      Each little bird this tide
      Doth choose her beloved peer,
      Which constantly abide
      In wedlock all the year.

      ♥ To His Valentine - Drayton