Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dogathon 2009

Date : 16th August 2009

Location : UPM

It wasn't in the plan that we are going because Calvin is teaching drum on the Sunday morning.

How lovely is he when he told me that he had rearranged the lesson so that we can bring our dogs for a day out.

All we wanted is they are happy and have the opportunity to meet new friends.

Joker with her ID tag

Slept at 2 AM because we needed to prepare all the necessary things, such as bottles, dog foods, plastic bags to keep the poo poo, carpet and pillow in the car and so on.

Woke up at 5AM. The registration starts at 6.30AM.

Look at daddy, Joker.

Joker in my bag ;) She climbed in.

Dog Race

We managed to do it! Seriously the day is freaking dead HOT!

I'm worried that my dogs will get heat-stroke.

Luckily I am smart enough to bring a towel for them. Wind and caress them using the wet towel.

Joker and I compete for Musical Chair ;)

We didn't manage to win any prize from the competition, I missed my chair!

However, Mumble gets First Place for Musical Chair ;) No dogs care to get near to her, so she easily get her place while Calvin runs fast to get himself a chair too.

Mumble and Calvin compete for " Fixing Mr. Clown "

Mumble got Third Place for the fastest time to complete the puzzle.

I teamed up with Roche and we get Forth Place! Just 2 second after Mumble and Calvin.

" Fastest Eating Duo "

Joker can't eat it as the biscuit freaking big and hard to bite.

The Perfect Duo ;)

Watch out big guy, Mumble is coming to redeem her prize ;)

Joker representing Roche to accept the prize ;)

Roche was sleeping under the canopy during the prize giving out ceremony.

My daughters with their prizes ;)

Mumble and Roche triumph the competition ;)

" Mummy, I want the can food. "

Mumble and Joker are like the Superstar in Dogathon. People coming to us and requested to take a photo with them.

If I charge them RM1 per photo taking, I can make good money and cover the dog food over the months. ;)

Never think these will come where we brought them out for the dog event.

People are saying Mumble is cute and clever.

Joker can says is the unique ones as I only able to see 3 Pugs including herself. The other two from the same family.

Roche is the most unique ones as only the vet student manage to recognize her breed, which is Belgian Shepherd Mallinous.

I love the Vet students over there, as all the malays touched the dogs and they are fine with dogs coming near to them.

I am aware that they are VET STUDENT.

Just wondering why is the Malays said they can't touch the dogs, it is HARAM.

Owh wow, get me the explanation. ;)

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